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Mediterranean fascination

20 Years Of  Passion & Experience.

Corporate event singing guitarist

About Luigi Cirillo

With Classical-Spanish guitar his main instrument, Luigi performs the highly emotional music of his home town Naples as well as other Mediterranean and Latin places. His repertoire stretches from Serenades to Tangos, Flamencos, Tarantellas, Bossa novas, Chansons, Waltzes. Folk rhythms and Luigi's own arrangements make those songs international in a new way. A few comedy songs add more freshness to a well balanced dish of Latin music.


Luigi Cirillo has established himself as one of the most representative singers of the Italian circuit in Northern Ireland today with more than 20 years of stage experience, performing in Italy and all across Europe.

My Music


Luigi Cirillo has been dedicated to music studies since an early age. An eclectic route, through saxophone and guitar, has led him to singing, where he has found his natural expressive dimension.

He improved his vocalism under the guidance of M. Mario Castiglia as a soloist and chorister. 
He worked as a soloist with the Orchestra Fantasia Napoletana, touring throughout Italy. He performed in Poland and Spain as a chorister with the Renaissance ensemble Principe San Severino, participating in international art music festivals (colto/extracolto). Among many, he played with Linley Hamilton, Espedito De Marino, Antonio Florio.

His continuous training allows him to exhibit an extreme vocal ductility, from throat singing to Renaissance and Jazz.

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